2009 NCAA Pool

OK, here it is: the Official OrangePolitics NCAA Men's Basketball Pool. No money is at stake, only bragging rights. (Sorry, Facebook membership is required to play.)  Some of you will remember that last year's pool was won by Chapel Hill Town Council Member Mark Kleinschmidt and Orange County Transportation Board Member Robert Peterson. Think you can beat them?

This year we also have an Official OP Women's Pool over on the ESPN web site (where you have to register yet again, ugh) because Facebook doesn't do the women's tournament (boo).  Participation from all genders welcome. ;-) 

I'll post a reminder here when the men's and women's brackets are available. Start getting your stats warmed up...



Oops, wrong sport. Anyway the tournaments are underway. My loyalty to the ACC has already cost me dearly, and I'm currently ranked #43 out of the 52 members of the OP men's pool.

Here's our top 10 so far:

1Ken Wallace270      
2Brandon C. L. Rector260      
2Patty Van Norman260      
4Vanessa Floyd250      
4Joe Schwartz250      
4Andrew Dunn250      
4Rebecca Trachtenberg250      
8Melissa Trachtenberg240      
8Andrea Ford240      
8Jim White240      


Sorry for the delay in giving some well-deserved props to carrboro-exptriate Joan Petit for winning the 2009 NCAA pool!  Here are the top 21 out of over 50 who played:

#Name1st round 2nd round Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Finals Total
1Joan Petit2202602403201603201520
2Jason James2302002002403203201510
3Patty Van Norman2602202001603203201480
4Darren Hunicutt2302202002401603201370
5Damon Seils2202601602401603201360
6Josh Quirk2302802001601603201350
7Mike Nutt2202802001601603201340
8Mark Chilton2202602001601603201320
9Chris Riser2102202401601603201310
9Kirsten Sherk2302402001601603201310
11Carolyn Edy2302202001601603201290
11Brian Russell2102402001601603201290
11Penny Rich2302202001601603201290
14Erin Crouse220260240801603201280
15Laurin De Beck Easthom2102202001601603201270
16Melissa Trachtenberg2402201601601603201260
17John Rees200160801603203201240
17Andrea Ford240240200801603201240
19Alvis Dunn2101802001601603201230
19Sean Chen230160200160160320


19Sue Jackson2302001601601603201230

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