National Hanging Out Day

Tired of the elitist candidates trying to distract you from a weekend of church-going, duck hunting, and fretting about the corporate boot-heel on your neck? Strike back at nuclear-powered clothes drying, coal-fired lint removal, and fascist homeowner association rules.

Observe National Hanging Out Day this Saturday:

If you keep up the habit into hunting season, and decide later to run for office, you can even claim to have dodged bullets while hanging up your laundry.  



while I post the first entry in order to leap-frog my entry into prime time.
there are still 11 hours left in today to be bitter about elitists.

Gov. Sleazely from covering his tracks.

Hillary from suffering from Hyper-Ambitious Whopper Syndrome

The Democratic Party from impersonating a rug.

The local media from rewarding the Big Utilities for the millions of dollars of bribes - sorry, ad money.

But you can hang out your clothes.


I just posted this to my neighborhood listserve. We have one of those HOA boards who thinks clothes lines are bad for property values. (They haven't thought about the effect of pissed-off homeowners on the same, however.)

Ruby, I am sorry for you.   There is nothing better than a line dried sheet for a good night's sleep.   90% of our clothes are dried on the line.  My kids have even come to appreciate slightly stiff towels. 

It's also a great way we play the savings game.  We put 2.00 in a jar for every load of laundry we dry on the line and use that $$ for family outings to Maple View or someplace similar.  Amazing how much you can rack up.  

I've found the summer (wait, it's not summer yet?) sun dries clothes I hang out faster than our electric drier does, and without all of the energy use and cloth-destructing power. If I get in trouble for it, it's not going to be because of an HOA, but rather because one of my clotheslines is a wooden arm from the access gate from what I'm assuming was a UNC parking lot. Despite what one may think based on my prior comments on UNC parking, I assure you it was one of the many and varied objects I've found delivered to us on the curb here on Graham Street.

On a side note, it seems unfortunate that someone had the experience on a prior thread of finding syringes in her yard when she lived in Northside. It seems like the curbs on my street have served more of a useful point of exchange for everything from furniture to working household appliances to children's playsets that I've seen move via the curb from one family whose children are grown to another whose children enjoyed it greatly. The folks three doors down who were mentioned a few weeks ago when their bicycle trailer was stolen often put out free food and books which seem to be shared widely. This sort of thing seems to happen all the time in student neighborhoods, but there are only two, maybe three other student rentals on our street, so it seems like the adage about one man's trash being another's treasure applies here to young and old alike. I'm sure, like with clotheslines, many people cringe at the "unsightliness," but when I move down the hill towards Umstead next month I'm going to miss our street's own little version of the Really Really Free Market.


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