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Solarize Carrboro: kickstarting home solar

Remember when getting solar power for your home was either too expensive or too complicated? Well, times have changed. The price of solar panels has dropped more than 80% in the past five years. Locally, solar has zoomed ahead and North Carolina ranks 5th in the Nation in solar installations. 
All this growth has brought about new ways to get solar power at your home. The non-profit Solarize Carrboro project brings together bulk discounts, affordable financing, and a streamlined process to make it easy for you to go solar. One of the goals of the project is to help you take advantage of all the incentives out there so you can get solar power for less than what you are paying your utility.

National Hanging Out Day

Tired of the elitist candidates trying to distract you from a weekend of church-going, duck hunting, and fretting about the corporate boot-heel on your neck? Strike back at nuclear-powered clothes drying, coal-fired lint removal, and fascist homeowner association rules.

Observe National Hanging Out Day this Saturday:

If you keep up the habit into hunting season, and decide later to run for office, you can even claim to have dodged bullets while hanging up your laundry.  


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