Duke Energy vs. Ellie Kinnaird

I know as a long time observer of campaign finance issues, it is rare that a major corporate political action committee gives to an incumbent’s opponent in a primary. So I noted with interest that Duke Energy’s PAC gave Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s opponent $2000 in this primary. Ellie was the only state senator to vote against Senate Bill 3 which, although sold as renewable energy bill, was hijacked by the utilities so that it shifted most of the financial risk for building new coal and nuclear plants to the ratepayers.

Ellie saw this bill clearly for what it was, spoke out strongly against it, and clearly incurred the wrath of Duke Energy. As Democracy NC found in its research, in the four years ending in 2006, Duke Energy and Progress Energy averaged investments of $10,000 per North Carolina legislator in campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures.

It doesn’t work with our good senator. She represents us instead. Let’s keep it that way.



I guess that's why Duke Eneregy gave so much money to Moses Carey. http://www.orangepolitics.org/2008/05/money-talks
As Jim Ward demonstrated so well in November, sometimes your record and your principles are more than enough to get you re-elected. I hope the voters look carefully at all that Ellie has done for them and how well she has stuck to her principles and do the right thing in returning her to office. We could use several dozen more like her in Raleigh.

I would have thought that part of the Carey strategy this campaign was positioning for the 2010 race. Given that his likely opponent will be Mike Nelson who now holds one of the strongest environmental backgrounds in the state, it is surprising that Moses accepted this contribution from Duke Energy which gives the appearance at least of his being a friend of the utilities.

Relevant to this point is the following, received today and circulated among environmentalists statewide, in regard to Duke's controversial Cliffside coal plant:

Duke Energy is holding its annual shareholders meeting in Charlotte, NC, on Thursday, May 8th. Join us in telling CEO Jim Rogers and the Board of Directors that coal is risky business, and to demand that the company stop Cliffside! 

Again, it's surprising that Carey would open the door to the charge that he is on the other side of such a high profile environmental issue.


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