What would happen if people were held accountable for their actions?

What would happen if people were held accountable for their actions? If the laws were written such that the person was responsible for their actions regardless of whether they were drunk or did not know that the gun was loaded. In turn there would be no lower age limit to drive, drugs (including over the counter, prescription, alcohol, and illegal) would not be regulated, guns would not require registration, and so on. But if someone died as a result YOU would be held accountable, not the gun or drug, you would be charged with murder, not manslaughter or accidental motor vehicle homicide, but MURDER, and you would receive a life punishment such as life in prison? Do you think that murder rates would drop?

Here's the same question with different circumstances: what would happen if you sued a restaurant because the cup of HOT coffee that you placed between your legs spilled and burned you badly. And the judge not only threw the case out but forced you to pay the defendant for they time and expenses they incurred as a result of the suit? Keep in mind that you ordered coffee, not iced coffee. Do you think that the person would have sued if they knew they would pay the defendant in the event that they lost the case? 

Here is what got me thinking:




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