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What would happen if people were held accountable for their actions?

What would happen if people were held accountable for their actions? If the laws were written such that the person was responsible for their actions regardless of whether they were drunk or did not know that the gun was loaded. In turn there would be no lower age limit to drive, drugs (including over the counter, prescription, alcohol, and illegal) would not be regulated, guns would not require registration, and so on. But if someone died as a result YOU would be held accountable, not the gun or drug, you would be charged with murder, not manslaughter or accidental motor vehicle homicide, but MURDER, and you would receive a life punishment such as life in prison? Do you think that murder rates would drop?

Critiquing local businesses

I feel very strongly that it is important to support our local businesses. I go out of my way to do this because without them we would be forced to shop at larger, less personable chains where our local dollars are shipped out to their corporate headquarters. Once there the money would be spent on national advertising as well as the development of other big-box stores with their sprawling parking lots and filled with the same, foreign made crap that I could buy in their other stores across the country.

By spending my money in my home town I have learned that the local businesses have a different variety of products, and that the owners are competing for my business. So they are happy to make minor accommodations to keep me as a customer. Furthermore, if I want to know where something came from all I have to do is ask the clerk or owner of the business.

OWASA eyeing Jordan Lake water

Having just read this article (http://www.newsobserver.com/news/orange/story/1103191.html) I do not know how I feel about this issue. On one and Jordan Lake seems to be a rather large body of water. So, why not tap into it?

On the other hand, it is a fixed source of water and as I look around I see many people and institutions waste this precious resource (water). Let's use the water that we have responsibly first. Then, when we need more, tap into other sources. I am leaning towards this idea.

Getting to a downtown library branch

I wanted to take advantage of this forum to submit an idea someone shared with me this past week. My friend noted the fact that people have recently been speaking out in favor of locating new libraries in both downtown Chapel Hill and Carrboro. We came up with the suggestion that Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Orange County should come together to build one library on or near the border shared by the two towns in the area of Rosemary Street.

This way, Chapel Hill would get the library close to downtown that has been desired and Carrboro would get the same. In theory this library could be funded from four entities if the fed chipped in. Compared to the current plan of two towns and two libraries, which proposes that Carrboro's library would be funded by Orange County and Chapel Hill's library would be funded by Chapel Hill, this would be a more efficient use of all of our tax dollars.


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