Tues. Evening - Democratic Rally at Fearrington Barn

Fearrington Democratic Rally

The Fearrington Democratic Club invites residents of Fearrington Village, Galloway Ridge, Chatham and Orange County to a Democratic Rally in the Fearrington Barn October 21, 2008. Come meet and hear your Democratic elected officials running for election or re-election. The social period runs from 6:30-7:15 PM with a cash bar service. There will be short election of officers for the Fearrington Democratic Club at 7:15 and then we will hear from US Rep. David Price, US Rep. Bob Etheridge, NC Speaker of the House Joe Hackney, NC Sen. Bob Atwater, Commissioner Mike Cross and Commissioner Candidate Sally Kost. Come join us to rally our supporters to change America and bring to an end the Republican Administration that has destroyed our reputation in the world and has come very close to destroying our financial system and that of the world. The seeds of the financial collapse were sown by Ronald Reagan, fertilized by Newt Gingrich, cultivated by Phil Gramm and fully harvested by our President from Texas who will be forever known as George Harding Hoover Bush, on to victory on November 4th.



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