Banks and automakers and cities, oh my! Libraries and universities and airports, oh my!

Wonder if anyone who has had an opinion about the CH library expansion saw the Signe Wilkinson cartoon (from the Phila. Daily News) in today's (11/21) ink-and-paper N&O. [I can't provide a link because the N&O isn't allowed to reproduce it on their website and, apparently, the Phila. Daily News hasn't yet uploaded it.]  Here is link:

It shows buildings labeled "A.I.G." "Banks," "Car Companies," and "Cities" failing over like dominoes, and all about to pile up on a library - a dialogue balloon over it saying "Do you have a book about the impact of the economic crisis?"

In the same edition of the N&O is a piece on how much of a hit UNC's portfolio has taken. And we've just had a spate of discussions about how CN has been stalled by concerns about funding. It's probably time to re-handicap the odds on closing HW airport and breaking ground for CN, and it certainly seems time to recheck everyone's timeline for pretty much all projects now on the table. And sadly that would have to include the library expansion (assuming it has any residual life at this point). Sigh.

Lest I depress everyone too much at this point - funniest moment in last week's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" was one of the panelists (can't track down which) asking if everyone else was as confused as he is by the economic crisis -- he says : "I got Joe Jerk down the road, he's got all these cars up on blocks in the front yard. He falls behind in his mortgage payments, and the economy of Iceland explodes!"




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