I think the town vehicle tax is misnamed.

I got my vehicle tax in the mail recently.  It was $155 for an 8 year old car.  Okay, let's not dwell on that.  The reason I mention it is that it is a "vehicle" tax.  However, I suspect it's not truly a vehicle tax.  Bicycles are vehicles and since there's essentially no regulation on bikes around here I assume the town doesn't have records of who owns one and therefore doesn't send out tax bills for them.

 If that's the case, shouldn't the tax be a "motor vehicle" tax instead of a "vehicle" tax?  Or, just keep it a "vehicle" tax and tax all vehicles.  Or best of all, get rid of it and then you won't have to call it anything, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

 In a separate note, I went to the state DMV website to make sure that bikes were indeed considered to be vehicles and while there I saw that it wasn't a state law for bikers over 16 to wear helmets in NC but that local places can pass their own law.  That makes me wonder if it is a law in this area.  If it's not it should be IMO considering biking is so strongly encouraged while so many people are simultaneously forced to drive.


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