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The home closing was two years ago today.

Well, not two years ago today since it's past midnight now, but two years ago yesterday.  We all know what home closing I'm talking about. 

 Is it going to happen again?  Is one of our elected officials planning on moving away but waiting until after the deadline to tell us and as a result the voters won't have a voice in filling the seat?  And then once the seat is filled by Town Council then that appointed person forever has the electoral advantage of incumbency as a result the initial shenanigans.  Is that going to happen again?  I have no reason to think so but then again I had reason to think it would happen two years ago and yet it did.  The damage lives on.

One hour wait for early voting at Homestead on Saturday

The only reason I early-voted at Homestead in the first place is that for some strange reason a 3:30 pm UNC football game meant there could be no 9 am - 1 pm early voting at Morehead Planetarium.  That's another story though.

So I had to go to Homestead instead.  It was so crowded for a minute I thought I was at Woodstock 1969.  People everywhere, cars everywhere.  I think I saw Country Joe and the Fish waiting in line.  The woman directing traffic said the wait to vote was 25 minutes.  So I found a parking space for my VW Van with the peace sign on the side, turned off my Strawberry Alarm Clock eight track and got into line.

I waited ONE HOUR.  (That's UNO HORA for our Spanish speaking friends.)  If I knew it was going to be one hour I might have just turned around and left.  Some people probably turned around and left when they heard it was 25 minutes.

Article in last Sunday N&O on business in Orange County

 There was an interesting article on Orange County and the business atmosphere that I thought someone would have posted on or commented on by now.

Campaign Signs Still Up

I saw lots still up the weekend after election day but I didn't get out much this past weekend so I don't know how many are still up.  But I figured it'd be good for people to be able to list what they see whoever put them up might realize they're still up.

There is one for Easthom on South Columbia St where Old Pittsboro Rd breaks off.  If someone assures me it's okay I'll take it down myself since I walk past it each day.

 List the ones you see.

Relate Your Voting Experience

I voted early on Saturday.  No other early voting was convenient for me and in fact the Tuesday voting hours weren't very convenient either.  It'd be nice if early voting was held on more than just one Saturday but perhaps that's not feasible in local elections where turnout is low.

I drove there (Morehead Plane-aruim) because it might have been close timewise if I walked and that day was my only chance to vote.  9 am-1pm?  Hey, some of use like to sleep on Saturday morning and then get our day going leisurely.  I guess I'm out of step with the rest of the world, again.  But at least they had reserved the parking spaces for voters so I got right in and parked easily.



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