Campaign Signs Still Up

I saw lots still up the weekend after election day but I didn't get out much this past weekend so I don't know how many are still up.  But I figured it'd be good for people to be able to list what they see whoever put them up might realize they're still up.

There is one for Easthom on South Columbia St where Old Pittsboro Rd breaks off.  If someone assures me it's okay I'll take it down myself since I walk past it each day.

 List the ones you see.


Jose,Any campaign signs still out there should be fair game to take if you are able to do so.  Will Raymond picked up a lot of everyone's signs (kudos to Will) and left them over at Cedar Falls Park, with the Town's permission, for candidates or their proxies to pick up.  Unfortunately many were not picked up quickly and the rain/winds made a mess of the area.  But that pick-up location was only for a week anyhow so any signs you pick up now you can either try to get to the candidate or recycle.  I've picked a few school board signs up myself but ones that involve treacherous parking or running across the highway I've left alone.  Those are best gotten early on a Sunday morning when traffic is lightest.

I know about that sign and am going to get it.  Yes kudos to Will for picking up signs for multiple candidates.  One of the crazy things is that I actually found one of my signs put up after the election, with a pink poster board stapled over it advertising a yard sale (or something like that) in front of the baptist church across from Harris Teeter on Martin Luther King, Blvd.   I'm happy that someone could use it for another purpose.It seems that there is always a straggler sign or two that doesn't get picked up after an election, but there were SO many this cycle I'm not surprised. Did we have a record this year for the amount of signs that were placed per intersection?   

There were a number of school board signs up at the OWASA drinking water treatment plant on Jones Ferry Road when I drove by there last night.

There are several signs still up for Mark Kleinschmidt westbound on 54 about a mile west of I-40. They are not standard Mark Kleinschmidt signs. Rather, as far as I can tell going 50 mph on 54, it's a series of six or so tiny signs with small type on them in the style of the old "Burma-Shave" signs . I don't know who put them up, but they're still sitting there.

There are about 4 or 5 signs by Rashkis Elementary School--Dancy, Kleinschmidt, Matt C and DeHart. Ed Harrison had a few on 54 and in the Oaks.  I'm surprised since he is such a stickler for the rules. I've also seen a bunch of Joe Green and Gucciardi signs around town, most on Estes and 15-501. I understand if there are a few stragglers, especially in places like
Rashkis which is out of the way, but it does seem that a few candidates just left theirs for
others to take care of and that is a shame that they don't have more respect for the environment.

Thanks to Jon DeHart and Will Raymond who worked hard to get most of the signs up and out, even the ones that weren't theirs.

I went to grab one the day after the election and they were all gone :-(

The ‘No’ signs became instant collector items when they appeared on the FAIL blog John Rees

I’ve collected a bunch.  A lot of us went out the days after the election and collected signs for our candidates.  I have stacks of Kleinschmidt signs if anyone wants one.  I’ve missed a few because they were in a dangerous locations and now that it’s getting dark, I haven’t found a good time to safely nab them.I didn’t know the Burma shave signs on 54 were for Mark.  They are too small for me to make out so I really wasn’t sure what they were about.  If they’re still there today I’ll get themOne note: I notice there is still a Bernadette Pelissier sign stuck in the woods next to Glenwood Elementary School! John Rees


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