One hour wait for early voting at Homestead on Saturday

The only reason I early-voted at Homestead in the first place is that for some strange reason a 3:30 pm UNC football game meant there could be no 9 am - 1 pm early voting at Morehead Planetarium.  That's another story though.

So I had to go to Homestead instead.  It was so crowded for a minute I thought I was at Woodstock 1969.  People everywhere, cars everywhere.  I think I saw Country Joe and the Fish waiting in line.  The woman directing traffic said the wait to vote was 25 minutes.  So I found a parking space for my VW Van with the peace sign on the side, turned off my Strawberry Alarm Clock eight track and got into line.

I waited ONE HOUR.  (That's UNO HORA for our Spanish speaking friends.)  If I knew it was going to be one hour I might have just turned around and left.  Some people probably turned around and left when they heard it was 25 minutes.

 At one point in line I read the early voting hours on the wall inside the building.  (I had a lot of time for reading, which made it unfortunate that I didn't bring a book.)  The hours were 12-7 M-F and 9-1 Sat.  I bet people that voted 12-7 M-F didn't have a lot of time for reading.  I bet none of them waited anything close to ONE HOUR.

 Which begs the question, why not have more early voting hours at times when people want to vote, like weekends, and less early voting hours when they're busy doing other things, such as working to make money to buy food, shelter and clothing? I'd love to see the voting rates for the 35 hours in M-F and the 4 hours on Sat.


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