Climate Change Action: From Joke to Symbol to Reality


It is nice to be in a town that has a mayor who is willing to speak to the zeitgeist.  Feeling it also, a couple of months ago I created these designs ...

The last one has been printed on t-shirts if anyone is interested in partaking in some t-shirt activism ... now to show your support for our mayor's courage.

Changing our town's name by October 24 could turn an April Fools joke into a symbolic gesture to be heard throughout the world in a time when action on climate change is dangerously overdue.  Can the joke go to symbol  and then to action? 

I know that the symbolic gesture of changing our town's name seems extreme to many, but it is not nearly as extreme as what has to be done locally to do our share of CO2 reduction in the atmosphere from the current 385 parts per billion to the safer 350 parts per billion that is required if we are to prevent tipping points that will bring catastrophic and irreversable impacts for everyone.

On Wednesday February 25, 2009 at the Board of County Commissioners Joint meeting with OWASA and municipalities the finalized Orange County GHG Inventory and Forecast  was presented.  The 'ball' is now in each local governement's 'court' ... to take the required action. 

Will Carrboro take action to the degree required?




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