Eastgate / 15-501 intersection is ridiculous

So you're on 15-501 going towards Durham.  You pass the Estes Dr / Univ Mall turnoff.  And you pass the one (Elliot Rd?) with the Burger King right was after you turn and with a little shopping center on the right.  (BTW, whatever happened to that big chunk of land that was going to have an expanded movie theater but the movie company and CH butted heads?  That thing has been a big empty patch for a decade or so.)  And you go to the next one...Eastgate on the left, Holiday Inn on the right.  That intersection is crazy.

  I already knew it was messy on the Eastgate side of the intersection.  But the other day I was on the other side, at the Food Lion, and I tried to leave and turn right out of the parking lot onto the road (Ephesus Church Rd perhaps?).  With all the traffic even that was a mess.  And if I was crossing traffic (making a left instead of a right) it would have been a lot worse.  And that big parking lot next to Food Lion is usually empty so if that shopping center were used more then the traffic would be even more of a mess.

 Anyway, I'm just venting...I assume the town can't do anything without taking some property from someone, which would cause a giant uproar, but that whole intersection is a mess.


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