Sluggish Carrboro campaigns

Low voter turnout is always discouraging. It speaks of disengagement and disenchantment. It is a demoralizing commentary on democracy. But what do you do when even the candidates don’t come out?

I went to the Orange Cty. website: we are having an election in Carrboro. Did the Carrboro Board of Aldermen pass an ordinance forbidding local political campaigns? Is it too much to expect the candidates to actively seek your vote? I know there have been a few forums, but I can’t make those. With a Saturday morning trip to the Farmers’ Market and then a few short carbon-less footsteps to the daily town forum at Weaver Street Market, the candidates have an easy opportunity to meet the voters. They could even do it more than once. Let’s air the issues. What about a debate between mayoral candidates @ the Town Commons gazebo? How about the challengers letting us know why they should be chosen rather than the incumbents? Have the citizens of the Paris of the Piedmont abandoned the barricades, fled the streets? Is our new motto “Ennui is enough for us”?



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