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Carrboro Election

I saw at the Herald website that at last week’s forum at Town Hall Mayor Chilton “…suggested telling developers what type of development the town wants in its commercial districts to make it less risky for developers to spend time and money on proposals to present to the town.” Hurray for that. The Board has the ability to put in place street plans. The most recent I’m aware of is the Roberson St. Plan. This plan addresses widths of sidewalks, on-street parking, and street trees and landscaping. All of these components of the plan are intended to improve the general streetscape, to make our town better for all of us. The plan serves the town, meaning us, by making pleasant sidewalks, more general parking, and by increasing the width of the right of way. New buildings are pushed back, making sure that we’re not too shadowed or leaned upon as pedestrians.

Sluggish Carrboro campaigns

Low voter turnout is always discouraging. It speaks of disengagement and disenchantment. It is a demoralizing commentary on democracy. But what do you do when even the candidates don’t come out?


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