A Racial Observation

I'm sad to see that in a community facing accusations of racism because of Greenbridge and a potential waste transfer site, we managed to vote out our only African-American Council Member.  If I'm not mistaken, since Merritt declined to apply, there are no potential African-American candidates from Strom's seat either, right?

Oh well, this should make for a couple of years of fun reading in the Chapel Hill News and Chapel Hill Herald. 



While I like Jim Merritt, he really barely ran a campaign. But more to the point, are you implying that a seat should always be reserved for an A-A candidate? Should we then reserve a seat for a Hispanic candidate?

Anyway, given that two A-A candidates won school board seats, perhaps Merritt's loss had more to do with him than with his race.

You may want to read Mark Chilton's excellent blog post on exactly this subject: http://www.orangepolitics.org/2009/10/african-american-representation-on...I agree that Merritt's loss was result of his performance (or lack thereof) both on the Council and on the campaign trail, not a referendum on racial diversity.

I think there are two African American applicants for Bill Strom's seat.  Can anyone verify that?

Donna Bell and Aaron Shah

I'm glad to hear that there is still a potential for AA representation on the Council.

If you use the argument for racial balance on the Chapel Hill Town Coucil, and you refer to the 2006-2008 census data for the town, then there is just as strong of a case for placing an Asian-American on the board.




Based on the census information, the new "racially balanced" town council (not including the Mayor) should be as follows.

5.5 White American

1 African American

1 Asian American

.5 Hispanic American

I submit the proposal to convert 5 of the town council seats to district level seats for a more repsentative elected body.


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