Connect Carrboro & Support Regional Transit!

Triangle Transit, along with its local partners Chapel Hill Transit and the Durham Area Transit Authority, is currently in the process of considering service changes along the 15-501 corridor.  These changes present the opportunity for some much-needed improvements in the service between these areas, and as a Chapel Hill resident, I'm looking forward to greater connectivity to Durham.  But I think it is equally important to remember our friends in Carrboro who could greatly benefit from direct service to Durham (and of course, Durhamites deserve the opportunity to visit Carrboro in turn!).  I'm proud to be a supporter of a local effort called Connect Carrboro. They recently formed a Facebook Page to help supporters who want to learn more.

As some of you know, I work in the administrative wing of a large Carrboro retailer. I believe that Carrboro is poised to break out as one of the premiere destination towns in North Carolina (or maybe it's already there?), and with efforts like WalkCarrboro and LocalMotive emerging to support the efforts of local businesses, Carrboro will only continue to grow as a destination.  It seems only natural to support transit as a preferred method of coming to town. But the argument from the flip side is even stronger. Carrboro is already home to one of the most alternative-transportation-friendly populations around, and as one of the most densely populated towns in the state would probably generate extremely high ridership levels on a Durham-bound bus. Of course, it's possible to get from Durham to Carrboro and back on a bus as it is, but the travel time and necessity for a transfer make it a hassle that's often avoided.

If you too support a direct transit connection between Durham and Carrboro, in the short term, there are two Public Information Sessions you should know about...

Time: 4:00pm Wednesday, March 24th
Chapel Hill Bible Church, 260 Erwin Rd., Chapel Hill

Time: 4:00pm Thursday, March 25th
Location:Triangle Transit Board Room, 4600 Emperor Blvd, Durham

If you support a direct connection between Carrboro and Durham, show up to these meetings and let them know! DATA and CHT will likely hold forums to follow, which you can find out about on the Connect Carrboro Facebook Page.



"Carrboro is already home to one of the most
alternative-transportation-friendly populations around..."What do you base that statement on? 

I would think that CHT ridership statistics on a per capita basis would show Carrboro off the top of the chart, but I will let Jason document that if it is indeed true rather than a educated supposition.

According to Census Data.

Fascinating stats, but what bus system carries so many people in East Spencer and South Henderson?   I'm proud of Chapel Hill and Carrboro however. Jason, did you just make your statement from intuition, supposition, or had you seen the census figures?

That data is from 10 years ago?

Of all of the crazy statements I've made here, I never expected the one I would be asked to defend would be that Carrboro's population is transit-friendly.  :)  I wasn't referencing a particular study, but I think there is plenty of data, as well as intuitive observation, that would back up this supposition.  The census numbers that Patrick provided are a good start.  I believe this is the data the League of American Bicyclists used when recognizing Carrboro as a Bicycle Friendly Community.  I would also point out the Carrboro consistently elects pro-alternative-transportation officials to their local offices, which hopefully demonstrates at least some support.  The ridership numbers from Chapel Hill Transit also indicate a comparatively large number of trips, which I don't have a digital link for handy but I'm sure a few minutes with Google would help confirm.


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