Enjoy the silence

As some of you may have noticed I am out of town for a 9-day trip to Austin, TX where I am visiting family and attending South by Southwest Interactive. I am still checking in here periodically, but don't have time for new posts.  That means it's a great time to write that blog entry you've been thinking about, you don't have to compete with many other posts to get on the front page!

Soon after I get back, we should start seeing some of the work of the five students in a UNC class on Public Affairs Reporting for New Media, who will be focusing on the upcoming Primary election in Orange County.

Meanwhile, we haven't had an open thread in a while, so... how the hell are y'all?



You may be interested in two new services for Orange County Government information.
There is a list service for meeting notification and news releases.
Also, BOCC meetings are available for replay online with Granicus.
See the news release about both new services.

David Hunt, Orange County Information Specialist

Commissioner Stan Norwalk brought a resolution to the table for a vote to reverse the decision to drop abortion coverage for county employees.  Roll call vote: motion passes 4-3 abortion coverage back in Wake Co.Thank You Commissioner Norwalk 


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