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Weekend Open Thread: What will Google Fiber Mean for Orange County and the Triangle?

Everyone has heard by now that Google Fiber is coming to the Triangle, including Chapel Hill and Carrboro (but not Hillsborough or rural Orange County), for those lucky enough to live in a neighborhood or apartment building that Google deems worthy to provide service to. What do you think this means for us locally? How will this help, or hinder, our efforts to repair the digital divide? With some real competition help bring down prices for other broadband? What will this mean for the NC Next Generation Network?

Let us know what you think about this, or whatever else is on your mind, in this weekend's open thread.

"Current conditions: Heavy Snow & Freezing Fog"

I already wish I had never heard the term "freezing fog." What is this fresh, freezing cold, hell?

I'm sitting in my home office looking out on Umstead Drive where the cars have been sitting still for at least the last 10 minutes. Have heard reports of at least two people who got stuck and are walking home miles in the snow. 

Apparently, this is the stormaggeddon we've been waiting for.  I can't wait until it freezes tonight!

How are y'all doing?

Election Day Open Thread

Let us know what you're seeing at the polls, chatter about the candidates, where the parties are toight, etc.

Our main question about today is: Low voter turnout, or lowest voter turnout? 

Candidate Filing Starts Today

Board of Elections - Welcome!

Filing begins today at noon and closes in exactly two weeks. Races include Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of EducationMebane Mayor and City CouncilHillsborough Mayor and Town BoardCarrboro Mayor and Board of Alderpeople, and Chapel Hill Mayor and Town Council.

There has already been a lot of discussion about candidates, and I think this will be a particularly interesting year. We'll have an opportunity to meet many of the candidates in person at The OP Posse's third annual Candidate Coming Out Party.

Please use this open thread to post updates as you learn about new candidates. We'll be watching candidate filings here on the Orange County Board of Elections web page.

Welcome to Chapel Hill, Dr. Carol Folt

As an alumn, I am pretty excited to have a woman chancellor at UNC. I also like that she's an environmental scientist. I'm always wary of folks without strong roots in the community, but Dr. Folt has a lot of potential.

What do y'all think?



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