Welcome to Chapel Hill, Dr. Carol Folt

As an alumn, I am pretty excited to have a woman chancellor at UNC. I also like that she's an environmental scientist. I'm always wary of folks without strong roots in the community, but Dr. Folt has a lot of potential.

What do y'all think?



Under the category of "why Would Anybody Want This Job", a Dartmouth person posted this on the UNC site of Facebook: "UNC loss is Dartmouth's gain. Chapel Hill will soon learn it made a grave mistake in appointing Carol Folt. Dartmouth College is currently celebrating Folt's departure. There is nothing that Carol Folt has said or done that is acceptable in the least. Carol Folt was a traitor to this college and a disgrace to her office. Good Luck!!!"   - Travis BlalockSounds like the fans at Kansas when W came back home.

Haters gonna hate. There are plenty of people who would say the same about every chancellor who left UNC.

I don't know much about her or the other candidates who were being considered. But given the growing influence of Pope over the UNC system I was afraid of how this might turn out.  The vast majority of the news coverage I've seen has been positive, I've only seen one bit of possibly negative info in otherwise a sea of positive.http://thedartmouth.com/2010/05/14/news/foltThis is kind of cool though:  

It's unlike any lovefest surrounding Chancellor appointments since we appointed the last one.


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