Regional Transit To Carrboro, Please!

Triangle Transit is proposing service changes for the 15-501 corridor between Chapel Hill and Durham. I (and others in the region) believe that these service changes should include regional transit service through downtown Carrboro so that residents can take a direct bus to Durham.  

Carrboro has the highest transit ridership per capita in North Carolina (9%) without even having a direct bus service out to places where many residents work and hang out (namely downtown Durham, RTP, etc.).  At the same time, Carrboro is building up and not out, which means that our land use supports increased transit services.  We have the highest density of all large towns and cities in NC with high transit ridership.  Finally, I think that economically, increased transit service to Carrboro would very much benefit both downtown Carrboro and West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill by allowing riders from Durham a much faster way to get to our stores and food offerings.  

I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this topic.  And if you support the idea we are outlining then please consider taking one or all of the following steps THIS WEEK since TTA will be meeting and deciding routes next week!  Help us be heard.

  1. Become a fan of “CONNECT CARRBORO” on Facebook: 
  2. Submit comments on the Triangle Transit website:
  3. Leave a message at 919-485-PLAN (7526)
  4. Present your comments to the Triangle Transit Board of Trustees at the Public Hearing: 
    Wednesday, April 28 at 1:00 p.m. at the Triangle Transit Administrative Offices (next to the Regional Transit Center), 4600 Emperor Blvd, Suite 100, Durham, NC 27703


I work in Durham, but I live with my girlfriend who's studying for her PhD at UNC.  We'd like to have the option to move out toward Durham, because the housing is so much cheaper once you leave Orange County, but that would leave my girlfriend without a bus line to campus.  So yeah, this would help people in a lot of different situations.

But, UNC is not in Carrboro    andTTA already runs
Durham to UNC plusStudent buses already run Duke to UNC

Uhh, yeah thanks, I'm well aware that UNC is not in Carrboro; I live in Carrboro and I drive my girlfriend to campus about 5 times a week.I'm just saying that increased transit between Carrboro/CH and the rest of the triangle wouldn't just benefit locals, but would help the entire region by making it easier to commute into Orange County.  The limited transit between Duke and UNC is not sufficient to make living outside of Orange County feasible for a student, which in turn means it's not feasible for me.

Geez, You would think they might want to use the existin rail line that goes right through Carrboro whcih could be easily extended to Pittsboro St over existing right of way and which goes right by Carolina North and then links to the main line that goes to Duirham, Cary and Raleigh. 

That is semantics.  Although UNC technically isn't in Carroboro, for practical purposes Chapel Hill and Carrboro are one town and UNC is in it.

Thousands of UNC employees live out of town and drive to work every day and then drive back home again at night.  If transit is the issue then rather than worrying about transiting people from Carrboro to other towns some effort should have been made to create incentives for UNC employees to live in Carrboro (and CH too).  That would have saved more than you're going to save by adding transit now.


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