Wake County schools - today's rally

I know the purpose of this site is Orange County politics, but I want to know if others are bothered by the situation in Wake County schools. I went to the rally today and heard Rev. Barber and the other speakers make their case against the new direction of the Wake schools ("neighborhood schools" or resegregation depending on your point of view). It was a well organized and fairly well attended (~ 1000 people) event. We left before things got REALLY exciting and Rev. Barber and others were arrested at the Wake County school board meeting a few hours later, presumably for trespassing since they had been barred from attending.

 Is it too late for Wake County at this point? Are they really going to roll back years of desegregation and put into place 10-20 school "zones" (i.e. mini districts), some of which will be mostly white and wealthy, and some of which may be severely disadvantaged to say the least? Does anyone in Orange County care? Even though my kids attend Chapel Hill schools and aren't directly affected, I spend time in Raleigh and other parts of Wake, we play their teams in sports, I care about the future of North Carolina and in general I simply find the Wake school situation disturbing on a number of levels.

Is anyone else concerned?


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