Lt. Choi in the Triangle AND the MarshallBomb Oct 8th

As the Technician recently reported, Lt. Dan Choi will be hosted by the Union Activities Board & GLBT Center for an on campus lecture and discussion of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

Who: Lt Dan Choi is a West Point graduate, decorated officer, Arabic Linguist, and was discharged under the DADT policy
When: Tuesday, October 12 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Where: Stewart Theater - NCSU campus - Raleigh, NC
Admission:  Free

"I speak about the consequences of telling the truth under Don't Ask Don't Tell and of living a lie through my personal journey," Choi said.  "I let people know our belief system is against our integrity."

For more information, see the facebook event.

Seeing this happen is a pretty big deal for me.  I went to NCSU for my undergrad, then worked full time in Carrboro for 3 years at a vet clinic, and returned to NCSU for grad school last year.  And tonight, for the first time, it really struck me how much it has changed.  I've always benchmarkd against my husbands experience as a grad student at UNC with safe-zone training, and lots of openly LGBT students in his department, LGBT groups on campus, and welcoming atmosphere and all that.  In undergrad at NCSU the BGLA meetings were sparsely attended.  Now it has evolved into the very active GLBT Community Alliance that emphasizes acceptance and welcoming of all.  For the first time I saw a big NCSU turn out at Pride just 2 weeks ago.  And for the first time I'm seeing lots of open GLBT group activities on campus.  In celebration of National Coming Out Day, here is the line up NCSU has for next week:

# Monday 10/11

   *  Painting the tunnel
         o When: 9 PM - 12:01 AM
         o Where: Meeting at the free expression tunnel!
               + Make sure to dress appropriately....we get messy!

# Tuesday 10/12

   * GLBT-CA Meeting in Stewart Theatre for:
         o What: Don't Ask Don't Tell Presentation by Lt. Dan Choi
         o When: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 7:30 PM
         o Where: Stewart Theatre
               + Seating is limited so arrive early! Free for students!!!

# Wednesday 10/13

   *  T-shirts on the brickyard
         o When: 11:00 AM
         o Where: The brickyard

# Thursday 10/14

   * Coffee Talks
         o When: 5 PM - 9 PM
         o Where:Talley Student Center Brown Room

# Friday 10/15

   * Wear your t-shirt day!

# Friday - Sunday 10/15 - 10/17

   * Crepe Myrtle Tennis Classic

Although the school has clearly changed a lot, it didn't occur to me until tonight, heading to the UNC vigil for the suicide victims, to rethink my perceptions of NCSU.  And for the first time in a long time at NCSU, I really like the way things are heading.

I can't finish this blog entry though without a quick mention of the Marshall Money Bomb for Oct 8th.  Donate if you can, or at least share this link far and wide:

Elaine Marshall is a part of that change in culture, and deserves support for that.  From her website:

Elaine believes it is not the Federal government’s job to discriminate, including when it comes to sexual orientation. She believes we should honor the commitment of those serving in the military regardless of sexual orientation, and that we should follow the lead of our military leaders and repeal "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell." Elaine supports the repeal of DOMA and the enactment of ENDA and UAFA.  She supports eliminating all forms of discrimination under the law, including immigration law. 





It looks like NCSU is doing even more to show their support.  I just heard about this: 

Friends, in light of recent events around the country, especially
leading to the suicide of several college students, and derogatory
remarks made by one of our state legislators towards members of the GLBT
community, we are hosting a GLBT support event on the brickyard on Oct 20th at 12:15.
Our hope is to show support for our own GLBT community and remind them
that there are many allies in our community who do care about them and
want them to feel welcome. We are hoping lots of allies will attend to
show their support.
Please help pass the word. Hope to see you on the 20th.
Mike GiancolaDirector, Center for Student Leadership,Ethics & Public ServiceNorth Carolina State University

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