Election Day Open Thread

Did you vote early, did you vote today, what did you see? Any candidates at the poll sites? Any rude campaign workers? 

And most importantly, where are the candidates' parties tonight?

I won't be attending any of them as I'll be glued to the computer watching results, phoning it in to WCHL occasionally, and then recording my customary election wrap up video. (Should I use Ustream again? http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6682869 It's so full of ads.)

UPDATE: The polls just closed, and I'm adding this widget to show tweets about the election results:




I haven't voted yet, but can say there is an utter lack of information on the candidates.  Nothing even here on OP!

Sorry I haven't been able to post as much information as past elections, but most of the action in Orange County was in the primary this year, when we put this together: http://www.orangepolitics.org/election-info-0Can you volunteer to help compile information on candidates next year? Everything you see on the site is done by people just to help others.

Sure, I'd love to help out.  When I lived in California, we were always sent a comprehensive voter information booklet with arguments + rebuttals from all candidates.  It's a shame we don't get something similar here.Give me a holler next time around, or I'll do the same if I don't hear from you. 

 http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/elections/Section?oid=1179044IndyWeek.com usually has questionnaires on lots of local (in the triangle) & statewide elections. Equality NC Endorsements:http://equalitync.org/pac/2010g  Conservation Council score card:http://www.conservationcouncilnc.org/our-work/scorecards/scorecard_2010.pdf  Sierra Club:http://nc.sierraclub.org/work/2010-NCSC-Endorsements.htmlNC Genereal Assembly Vote Look up (good way to get info on specific candidates, I have it set to how they voted on the move towards Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill, w/ parent opt out option, but you can use the search for any bill) http://ncleg.net/gascripts/voteHistory/RollCallVoteTranscriptP.pl?sSession=2009&sChamber=H&RCS=851 judicial candidates:http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/GetDocument.aspx?id=2408A little info on how Instant Runoff Voting works:http://www.indyweek.com/indyweek/elections-10-a-bumpy-ride/Content?oid=1726041Discussion of Tax Ref.http://orangecountync.gov/salestax/http://www.orangepolitics.org/events/souls-to-the-polls Orange Dems sample ballot:http://orangedems.us/sites/default/files/BallotStyle01-INSKO.pdfAnimal Welfare group endorsements:http://ncvaw.org/2010-endorsements/

I hope you don't mind, I'm adding this to the official collection of election info at http://www.orangepolitics.org/election-info/elections-2010-2

OWASA was really hopping this morning -- a pleasant, rare sight.

Some folks, including me, reported long lines to vote at Morehead on Friday, the last day of voting there. Others reported long lines in Carrboro (I think? Maybe Hillsborough?) for early voting on Saturday, and long lines in Durham. I wonder if turnout is going to end up higher than expected and, if so, how that will swing things.

(That's Kings Mill precinct)I was handing out Dem ballots and plenty of rude voters (one told me he wished we were "over yonder" and shouldn't be anywhere near the polls - I think he was willing to go to blows if his wife hadn't put her hand on his arm).There was a line at 6:30am and by the time I left at almost 9, I'd say 75% of the voters  were Republicans coming in.

Evidence of the much-hyped revenge of the Republicans election theme is that both the Orange Grove & White Cross precincts had tables with several people giving out "conservative voters guides". I've never seen such strong Republican Party presences during previous elections. As far as rude campaign workers go, I'll report on behalf of a Republican who thought I was quite rude. I asked him, if he was a New York voter, would he vote for Paladino. He said he would keep that to himself. I replied that was probably a smart decision. Then I offered him an idea. I told him that I thought that Christine O'Donnell and Paladino should cooperate to formulate a compromise on policy. I suggested that Paladino agree to remove animals from his porn and for O'Donnell to endorse masturbation so long as the person wasn't fantasizing about animals. Talk about a temperature drop. He looked at me as if I had suggested that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce did not have his best interests at heart.   

I'm confused as to how the campaign worker was rude in your narrative?  It sounds like the situation was the reverse.

The morning has been moderately busy at the Weaver Dairy Precinct. By 10:00 there have been around 275 voters.  There are active but pleasant folks for the Dems, the "conservatives", Lindy Pendergrass, and the tax (me) working, shivering and finding sun patches to stand in.  One poor woman's son screamed every time she went into the polling place so after much deliberation the judge was finally persuaded to let her take advantage of curbside voting.  I am home refilling my coffee and catching up on my e-life.  I'll be out again shortly with thicker socks and a bigger thermos.  I love this stuff!!

Took me about 20 minutes to vote this morning at Creekside as I arrived shortly after the van from The Cedars.  I liked having it crowded and festive and people in line where chatty, so time went fast.  My favorite part was that one of the campagners, might have been for Jim Hardin, can't say for sure, had a sweet little dog with her.  Nice touch.

I voted around 10am.  I didn't have to wait at all, and there was no line.  I think my vote was #174.A campaign worker politely offered me a Democratic voting guide.  I would have rathered a non-partisan voting guide (and some other candidates to choose from, but that's another story...)

but people were moving through quickly. Everyone was gracious.

I voted over in Wake County but thought I’d share my experience- I’m curious if it applies to Orange County as well.  I voted at lunch time, there was a man handing out a Democrat voting guide, and I was most surprised when no one checked my ID.  Maybe it was because I had it in my hand, but they just asked me to say my address, which I actually read right off of the inspector's sheet (I moved here recently).  No verifying I was who I said I was.  I believe I was vote #276, it seemed pretty empty when I was there.  

That's par for the course. I can't remember if I've ever been asked for an ID when I voted.I voted early this Saturday at the Senior Center because the Planetarium site was closed all day for an afternoon football game. (How is it that there was no money for a Carrboro site, but then we suddenly had this other new early voting site funded at the Senior Center?) Fortunately I got there just before the Souls to the Polls folks but it was already crowded. I probably waited about 10 minutes in line to vote.

How about space and time commitment as the factors in Carrboro Town Hall for early voting.

Steady busy this morning. Don't know what the afternoon will bring. When I put my ballot in the counter it spit it back and asked me to do it again. Said I marked to many Judges. Looked good to me, but I respected the machines wishes and filled out a new ballot. The old one was marked SPOILED!

I love that these machines can do that immediately.  Gives me confidence that I filled in the circles correctly if mine goes in successfully.




479 voters. "We've
been busy all day," said Hunter Levinsohn. Turnout @ about 40 percent,
she says. (@ Voting at CHAPEL HILL PUBLIC LIBRARY)

I was voter # 77 , no wait at all. Two tables, one D and one R . I was surprised that neither table spoke to me as I walked by .

6:35 am with my 10-month old son.  I filled in circles while he tried to eat the pen.  A good time was had by all.

Is on its way now.  I just heard the GOP likely took the state senate based on projections.  They are the ones that buried this amendment every year. Last year it only took 2 days into the session for the constitutional amendment to be proposed.  When I graduate grad school in the spring, I'll definitely be highly weighing jobs outside of NC if this comes to pass.

Gee, BJ Lawson is already announcing his 2012 campaign. How exciting...


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