GOP wasting $ in OC! Yippee!

According to, they are creating a permanent home in Daniel Boone Village.  I'm sure Pat McCrory is happy they'll be able to add votes in all counties, but I seriously doubt this'll have an influence on individual races in OC.



They've had an office there since at least this summer.  As a liberal Democrat, but also as someone who goes by Daniel Boone Village every day on my way to work, I have to say I never would have noticed they had an office in there at all if it weren't for their illegal sign in the street right-of-way. Fortunately the Hillsborough planning director made them take it down.Seriously though, I'm a little unintimidated by a county Republican Party whose most damning attack all election season was against their own eventual nominee for Congress during the primary.

I have to imagine they are going to jam as many Dems into the 4th as they can to make other nearby districts more competitive.  I mean, maybe they want win more local elections, but if their redistricting plans go as expected, the state GOP is going to make this local group's efforts all the harder in a place that was already difficult for them.


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