Haiku Contest for International Car Free Day!

To celebrate Car Free Day, The Village Project wants to hear about your experiences with cars and their ills or your thoughts on ways to go car-lite. But, we want it in a haiku!

Have you ever been in a town where walking, biking, or public transit is a viable way to get around on a regular basis? Do you miss that freedom?
Have you ever gone a day, week, month, or year without driving a car, but were still able to get around?
Does it strike you as silly that the Triangle doesn’t yet have a commuter rail system?

The Village Project promotes and celebrates transportation options because we believe that a society where the use of the personal car is optional is a more equitable and a more sustainable society.

Entering is easy! Here’s what to do:
  1. Write as many haikus as you like! 
  2. If you haven’t already, register on the Village Commons blog (so we can find you if you win!)
  3. “Leave a Comment” to the Blog Contest post with your haiku(s) by September 22nd.  Please submit only one haiku per comment.
We will have several categories for the competition and really, any haiku goes! But to get your poetic juices flowing, you could compose a haiku about traffic frustrations, the fun of biking, the freedom and peacefulness of walking, or your other favorite non-car way of getting around (scooting, rollerblading, whatever!). The categories for the Haiku Contest are:
  • Best overall
  • Most humorous
  • Most persuasive
  • Best rant
  • Most inspirational
  • Best use of the senses
There are many great prizes (e.g., a bike helmet, a restaurant gift certificate, and a bike from the Recyclery!).  The grand prize will go to the author of the winning submission, which will be included in press releases about the event.

The judges for this contest are influential members of the community: Jay Bryan, Carrboro Poet Laureate; Ruby Sinreich, founder of OrangePolitics; Kirk Ross, longtime newspaper reporter, columnist and editor; and Jean Earnhardt, longtime community activist & conservationist.

This Haiku Contest is hosted by The Village Project to promote International Car Free Day. International Car Free Day is an “annual celebration of cities and public life, free from the noise, stress and pollution of cars.”

To learn more about the competition, check out the Haiku Contest Rules.



lonely city roads languish in thirst for trafficthen breathe easy instead 


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