For those who missed it, last month's inaugural Kidical Mass in Carrboro was a huge success. Thanks to all the organizers!


Looks like fun. My son might even have enjoyed it on his tricycle. Are these being held regularly? How would one find out about it before it happens? 

We found out about it from a flier from our daughter's school (Carrboro Elementary) which was also the starting point of the ride. The ReCYCLEry helped organize it ( and I think I heard they want to do one quarterly. There's also a national site: ( Next time I'll post with more info before the event.

Hello Ruby and all, Then next Kidical Mass is scheduled for April 16 (yea, it's a Monday). We had an excellent turnout. Even though it is held at Carrboro Elementary everyone is welcome.  Carrboro Elem has the greatest parking circle that is safe for the cyclists to start their ride. Rich, the CBC and I are getting better at the whole press thing so you should begin to hear something in March.  Keep your ears open and eyes peeled! National site for photos-look for spokenrev:Kidical Mass My site for photos:  ~ kvn

Motivated by doing what is right for children!


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