Safer Schools in Our County

Sending our children to public schools should not be something that causes a parent to get nervous.  I have a child of my own in Orange County public schools, so I know how it can feel.  The fact that so many fear for their child’s safety at school is unfortunate.  The good news is that there is something that we can do about it. 

For those who missed it, last month's inaugural Kidical Mass in Carrboro was a huge success. Thanks to all the organizers!

Toy Chest Needs Contributions

Have you noticed the tree with the little paper bears hanging from it in Carr Mill Mall? That tree is usually almost empty of bears by now.  I was thinking maybe it was just me being paranoid or sentimental, but the Carrboro Citizen affirmed what I suspected.

The families in need of assistance with Christmas gifts is increasing and the donations are not meeting the need. 

The Orange County Department of Social Services Toy Chest is running low on toys and clothes. Families are participating who had no need in the past. The Citizen mentioned how sad it is for younger children to be bypassed because they can't understand, but a friend also said that the Toy Chest is particularly in need of things for teens.

To donate toys or checks can be taken to Southern Human Services on Homestead Road in Chapel Hill or Whitted Human Services in Hillsborough.

Spread the word.

Super Monday - kids vote at the ArtsCenter

Via e-mail announcement:

November 3rd is SUPER MONDAY! The ArtsCenter will host a mock election open to area youth AGES 5-11. Voting booths will be set up at The ArtsCenter on Super Monday where children in the Orange and surrounding counties can cast their vote for the offices of President, Vice President, US Senate, Governor, and Lieutenant Governor. Results will be made available in The Carrboro Citizen. Don't miss out on this special opportunity for your young person to participate in this historic election! Visit or call Shirlette at 919.929.2787 ext. 209 for more information.


Monday, November 3, 2008 - 4:00am to 12:00pm


ArtsCenter, 300 East Main St, Carrboro

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