Early Voting on Campus Moves Forward: Rams Head Center

OC Elections Board chair Jim White just called me to ask my thoughts on an early voting location on campus. In fact the location that he and Matt Hughes had been kicking around turns out to be the one that I would have suggested. We talked about some logistical issues and hours (they are leaning towards 11 am to 7 pm there). The Board of Elections met at Rams Head this afternoon !



Jeff DeLuca reports on FB that it will be the Rams Head Center between south and central campuses. 700 parking spaces, room for an early voting location location, easy walk from south and central campuses, it's on 3 bus routes and also walking distance from the medical campus.


I don't know. Normally fall EV hours/locations are not finalized until July or so.

tweets from the Orange County Board of Elections meeting are that the board today approved Rams Head Center for May and November for early voting.https://twitter.com/#!/maryaacooper 

Jeff Deluca, Austin Gilmore, and Nathan Westmoreland (along with other students) deserve a big congrats for their hard work on this issue! I've seen them work over the last year to make the case for a site on campus, and work with staff at UNC to go through many sites before finding one that met the criteria of the Board of Elections. Good job guys! 

I know many people have advocated for and worked hard to locate a more central campus site.  I'll add Mary Cooper, Cari Jeffries, Shelby Hudsbeth and the RHA to your list.  It was Cari and Shelby who alerted me that the rooms above the dining hall might be workable, the RHA who had reserved the rooms but readily agreed to move their banquet to another location and Mary who attended two BOE meetings and spoke passionately and convincingly to the Board.  I don't think I've worked on any other project on campus that brought out as much goodwill, accomodation and cooperation as finding an early voting site did.Linda Convissor

You've also been a great ally Linda. It's been really great to have a member of the UNC adminstration walk through the process with students and community members, and be supportive of an early vote site. Hugs all around for everyone's good work!

Congrats to everyone who made this happen!  It's so important to encourage the younger generations to build good habits of civic participation starting with the first years of voting eligibility.  And it's very important to make voting accessible to students given how integral a part of the town's fabric the university is and has always been.

Early voting starts Thursday April 19, ends Saturday May 5.  Mail-in absentee voting starts Monday March 19, request deadline Tuesday May 1 (ballots must be postmarked by primary day and will be counted if received by Friday May 11.UNC classes end Wednesday April 25, exams April 27 - May 4. Commencement very late, May 13. I don't ever remember such a long gap b4 commencement.

Please double-check with Tracy Reams, but I understood the motion the BOE passed yesterday was that early voting would start at the BOE office on April 19 and start at the four other sites the following Monday, April 23.  They will have Saturday voting on April 28 and May 5.  The Rams Head site will be open 9-1 on those two Saturdays and 11-6 on weekdays.The BOE also encouraged voters to register before coming in to vote to help cut down on long lines.

You are correct as to Rams Head. I was talking about the hours/dates in general set by state law.

Thanks for these specifics! I'm incredibly thankful for everyone who put in the work to make on-campus voting a reality again -- it's something we absolutely need, and I'm glad to see the broader community and University administration agreeing.

The new 11 to 6 hours are much more productive, especially since anyone in line at closing can vote. This will allow after class/work voting on weekdays. 

Not sure the new hours are "more productive" than regular hours.  Regardless of the time a polling place closes if a person is in line at closing, the law allows them to vote.  What is sad is this place is to be open 11-6 and most will wait until close to 6 to show up.  I keep hearing how convenient this place will be for the students.  If the younger folks can get out of bed early enough to protest a tuition hike, they can certainly show up early in the day to vote.  I noticed in past elections, people would go to early vote and stand in line for an hour but there were no lines on election day, so why not wait until election day and go to your correct polling place?

Early voting is your correct polling place

If you go to the State Board of Elections website and look up your voter regisitration, "Early Voting" will NOT be your polling place or the name of your Precinct.  Election Day polling precincts are not "early voting" sites.

Let me be more precise -- all early voting locations are your proper polling place iif you are voting in the 17-day early voting window. On election day you have one proper polling place. In 2008 about 60% of voters voted early.

What was wrong with the previous location (next to Granville Towers Dorms)?

I'm not sure what the problem is looking to site one of the five early voting sites on campus. As far as going to 11-6 rather than 9-4, this is more convenient asit allows voting after work. Wake County went to 11-7 back in '04

The site was not easy to find for many folks, even after arriving at University Square. I consider restoring the on-campus voting location, as well as restoring the early vote site in Northern Orange, to be a great success.


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