Join Orange Democrats for Annual Precinct Meetings

Next week, grassroots Democrats will be convening for their annual precinct meetings. These meetings will kick off this year’s campaign for precincts in getting ready for the work ahead.

At these meetings, local Democrats are invited to introduce resolutions on local, state, and national issues for consideration at the county convention on April 14.  The meetings will also elect delegates to the county convention (which then elects delegates to the district and state conventions – the bodies that will elect delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte).

This year will be a tremendous one and attending these meetings will be a spectacular launching point for Democratic victory from defeating Amendment 1 to re-electing President Obama and Democrats from the top of the ticket, to the bottom.

Also, we encourage our unaffiliated voters in Orange County to attend the meetings. Unaffiliated voters play an important role in Orange County and North Carolina and therefore we welcome them to join us in this campaign season as important and valued partners. (Important note: per state party rules, one must be a Democrat to vote and be elected as a county convention delegate.)

Please join us as we kick this year off right!

For meeting information, please visit:



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