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Bringing a Different Perspective

In just a few short weeks, we will go to the polls and vote for county commissioners. I am a candidate for the at-large seat and running to provide a different perspective and bring a different kind of leadership to county government. While some talk about stepping stones, I’m focused on building blocks for our community. I believe my experiences, not just those on my resume, offer an opportunity for those whose voices are not always heard to have a seat at the table.

We need more diversity on the Board of County Commissioners. We need someone who comes from a generation of less opportunity because the economy has shifted beneath our feet. The Millennial Generation has a lot to offer Orange County, but as a member of this generation, I recognize the fact we need more opportunities for affordable housing and well-paying jobs. Even as a college graduate with a good paying job, I still struggle with these issues. If I struggle, I know there are those with few opportunities and fewer options that struggle even more.

Our Future

Bernadette Pelissier, Orange County Commissioner, has announced that she will not seek re-election in 2016. I want to be the first to thank Commissioner Pelissier for her seven years of service to our county and community. She has been an extraordinary leader, and she will be missed.

I have been talking with folks from across Orange County and have received words of encouragement to run. I have been chair of the Orange County Democratic Party for the past five years and have the desire to take my leadership to the next level. I want you to know that I am considering this opportunity.

Orange County is my home and is very special to me. I was raised in Hillsborough, and I graduated from and am employed by UNC-CH. Orange County has been home for my family for six generations.

That’s why I’m excited to consider running for Orange County Commission. Our county is the cornerstone on so many fronts including education, economic development, green energy, and equality. I’ll be talking with many of you during the next several days and weeks. I will weigh your feedback that will help make my decision.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Why We Endorsed for Hillsborough Town Board

Last night the Orange County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee voted unanimously to endorse Evelyn Lloyd, Brian Lowen, and Mark Bell for the Hillsborough Town Board at the Party’s monthly executive committee meeting.

An ad hoc committee was appointed following a motion at the September session of the County Executive Committee. County Commissioner Renee Price chaired the committee, which unanimously recommended endorsing the three Democrats running for Hillsborough’s Town Board. Tonight’s action officially endorsed these three Democrats vying for the three seats up on the Hillsborough Town Board in this year’s elections.

Endorsing in nonpartisan elections is a rare event. Between these three candidates they have decades of service to the Town of Hillsborough and our greater Orange County community. Whether it has been as part of the current membership of the Town Board, service on town advisory boards, or in the community, these candidates exemplify the character and values that make Hillsborough and Orange County great.

Orange Democrats Precinct Meetings

We've already had one precinct meeting and one regional precinct meeting and what a success they have been already! Hogan Farms met on Saturday and will develop an issues based advocacy plan. Last night eight precincts in and around Hillsborough met and formulated ways to move forward and develop a stronger presence in their respective precincts.

The annual precinct meeting is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, discuss the issues facing our great state, and help build your party leading into 2016. Last year we saw a tremendous amount of effort and energy in the local party. Let’s keep that momentum going for our community and our state by participating in your precinct meeting!

The remaining precincts to meet are:

Central Chapel Hill Area Precinct Meetings
Battle Park, East Franklin, Greenwood, Lincoln, Northside
Wednesday, February 25, 7pm to 9pm
Chapel Hill Public Library, 100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill

Recommitting to the Local Democrats

Since Election Day folks have asked me what’s next. Some of those people asked me to consider running for state party chair or for one of the other positions in state party leadership. However, I have decided to run for re-election as the chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.
On election night no one was more disappointed with the results from the U.S. Senate race than me. However, we did a lot of work right here in Orange County and while we don’t have all the data yet, we know that what we did had an impact: 



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