Weapons Ban proposed

Orange County has placed a "Winston Salem" gun ban on the Agenda for Next Tue the 7th.


Amendment to Orange County Code of Ordinances Regarding Weapons

The Board will consider amending the Orange county code of Ordinances and prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on certain Orange County property and authorize the Chair to sign.  

However this is an all weapons ban, Open Carry and knives on all county property. This includes wooded parks such as Little River.(see: definitions)


The wording of the Code 
WHEREAS the BOCC, believing it is in the best interests of the citizens and residents of Orange County, have determined that weapons concealed or not should not be carried on certain Orange County Property.


The Best Interests....Thank GOD the BOCC can determine what is the best way to protect myself and family.(snort)

Let us look at who is protected....

Why if the lawful citizen follows this law...the only effect is to protect the criminal who may violate the citizen. Can it be that the BOCC wishes to protect the Criminal?

Is there anyone else that will be protected by this rule change?

Well...perhaps not who...but what. That would be the sensibilities of the public who have been and will continued to be conditioned by laws like this; to be afraid of the mere sight of a weapon not attached to a person under the facade of direct control of the Government.


As the Yates incident proves, there is much more anguish derived from appearance of  scary weapons than of standard issue weapons...(in the hands of those...in direct control of the Government), than there is of the actual brazenness of the criminal.

 Thus it is easy to assume that it is indeed the pampered sensibilities of the conditioned public the BOCC wishes to protect.


The function of law is to:

·  Maintains social control

There is already law to maintain social control in the aspect of carrying weapons by lawful citizens

·  Protects public order

The proposal fails as it has no effect on the criminal and strips the citizen of  basic modes to protect life, liberty and property, therefore Order will be determined by the unlawful and the law is only reactionary to unlawful.

·  To resolve disputes


·  Protects certainty of systems

N/A unless social conditioning is the goal

·  Facilitates orderly change

N/A unless social conditioning is the goal

·  Brings out justice in society

Fail as the unlawful will have the upper hand

·  Outlines what the government can do and what it can not do


 See you there





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