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Weapons Ban proposed

Orange County has placed a "Winston Salem" gun ban on the Agenda for Next Tue the 7th.


Amendment to Orange County Code of Ordinances Regarding Weapons

The Transit Tax could have an added Poison


Well the Transit Tax for Orange may have some added poison. I say poison as for the Proponents of the Transit Tax for the Light Rail will not want an added sales tax Governor Bev Purdue has cast into the political winds this year. Outside the overwhelming distaste for more taxes by District Two, the poison for D1 is not notion of paying more tax for their costly train, it is the added threat to fuel to the fire in the pockets of D2 Citizens who have no use for a Choo Choo in a huge election year.

The President's power grab

President Obama’s power is growing.

Today’s’ presidential appointment of Richard Cordray to head the CFPB breaks the traditional recess appointment process. Generally the congress must be in recess for 3 days before the President can do this. This was even the administration position in an argument before the Supreme Court in 2010 to reaffirm the three day window the Clinton shortened from the historical ten day window. Interesting how things change….

And speaking of change…the complete silence from the Democrat party on the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act and the potential of indefinite detainment of citizens is a real change from the howling we heard under Bush…much less  the “audacity” of the Patriot act. The really interesting part is the absurdity of the president signing statement as a ruse to “protect” US citizens.

Fun with substitutions

This is an interesting art. As I read it, I subbed CH in for Chicago, neighboring counties for states, and current drains to those proposed here. It fell into place rather effectively for me. 
Sunday morning coffee reading....

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