Orange County Turns Red

Ladies and Gentlemen citizens of our beloved Orange County, It tears my heart apart to have to convey this sad message with you. Please do not assume at first that I’m some kind of a crack pot you must visit my website dedicated to the following. You’ll see some humorous artifacts on the page however I find absolutely no humor in this at all. It is there to attract attention only. This was enterd into public record by myself on April 3rd 2012 at the Public Commissoners Meeting. The Orange County, NC Commissioners have committed HIGH TREASON and have joined with ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives a VERY HARD CORE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST / SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION disguised as an environmental organization. They are pure EVIL they wrote Agenda 21(Agenda for the 21st Century) for the UN and it was signed by George H. W. Busch in 1992 and is now being deployed. It is designed to erode and take away property and ownership rights and covertly phase out our CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS. It is indeed to BRING DOWN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They are carrying  this out in the exact manor as they did in The Soviet Union, China & Nazi Germany weaponizing the environment and sustainable development as a false pretense to strip us of our rights and property. God Bless us and our County. Pleas click on the following url or enter it into your browser for details.

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