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Thanks to Jeff for writing up this great post, and to the four people who have donated already!Tomorrow, I'll be blogging about why the site software needs a major overhaul. Fun geeky stuff.

I know this isn't easy, but if there's one thing I'd "fix" about OP today, it would be how Storifies (is that the noun?) are embedded.  Trying to scoll below one of those to see the OP comment thread is a real pain, and I often give up reading those threads.

I agree with James. The storifies are annoying that way, especially when I want to go back and read new comments to a storify post.

Unfortunately, the Storify widget doesn't have many options. There are only three settings: header on/off, border on/off, SEO-friendly code on/off. I just did some searching and I found a workaround. I'll try this out next time: http://feedback.storify.com/forums/66927-general/suggestions/1209145-add...


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