Celebrating Nine Years of Context, Coverage and Connections on OrangePolitics

This week, we’re celebrating nine years of context, coverage, and connections on OrangePolitics. We need your help to keep it going and keep innovating by helping us to cover the costs of upgrading the site. We’re very proud of our accomplishments, and we want to tell you some of the reasons we think you should support OrangePolitics.

Hosting a Forum for Discussing Local Issues. We provide a space for people to share a wide range of views about local issues impacting Orange County. We spark conversation by bringing together the voices of community leaders and activists in an open forum for civil and thoughtful debate.

Providing the Entire Context. OP’s editors and readers combine many decades of experience in local politics. We provide background, and tell the stories behind the stories that you won’t find in the local media. We follow issues from their beginnings through their resolutions--our posts about the transit tax and Chapel Hill 2020 are recent examples.

Attending Community Meetings So You Don’t Have To. We live tweet and provide summaries and analysis of many local government meetings, helping to keep local officials honest and accountable. Through Twitter we provide play-by-play action of meetings, giving you the opportunity to participate in public meetings from home as they are happening.

Connecting You With Local Officials. Several officials from across Orange County participate in the discussion that occurs on our site and many more read it regularly. In this way, OP offers you a unique chance to have your voice heard by the people who influence policy. Our candidate forums also give you a chance to understand where the candidates stand on issues by asking your own questions.  

How can you help? Help us celebrate! Our 9th Birthday Party is this Thursday! Mingle with local officials and sample some great appetizers from Hillsborough BBQ. While you're there, talk with others about how OP impacts your life, and if you can, help support us financially. Our aim is to raise $800 to pay for hosting and badly-needed Drupal upgrades.  Please make a small donation online or at our birthday party and tell a friend today why OP deserves their support.


Thanks to Jeff for writing up this great post, and to the four people who have donated already!Tomorrow, I'll be blogging about why the site software needs a major overhaul. Fun geeky stuff.

I know this isn't easy, but if there's one thing I'd "fix" about OP today, it would be how Storifies (is that the noun?) are embedded.  Trying to scoll below one of those to see the OP comment thread is a real pain, and I often give up reading those threads.

I agree with James. The storifies are annoying that way, especially when I want to go back and read new comments to a storify post.

Unfortunately, the Storify widget doesn't have many options. There are only three settings: header on/off, border on/off, SEO-friendly code on/off. I just did some searching and I found a workaround. I'll try this out next time: http://feedback.storify.com/forums/66927-general/suggestions/1209145-add...


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