CHCCS School Board meeting (including vote on naming of Elementary #11)


Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 7:00pm


Chapel Hill Town Hall Council Chamber

So, this isn't our usual process for naming a school, but as discussed before, we can view this as rebuilding a school at the site of Northside Elementary.  So on the agenda for this meeting (link to come as soon as it is posted) on October 4th is to make this official and name Elementary #11 as the new Northside Elementary. 



To be voted on Thursday evening -- Also of note is discussion of a "think tank" that Dr Forcella is putting together to look at options for how this school might be organized differently to improve learning and eliminate the achievement gap --  I'm really glad we are thinking of all the options and focused on really providing a great education for all students.  This new school is an opportunity to do something different with a staff hired for this purpose, and I'm glad Dr Forcella is bold enough to look at the options.   -James  (might be one of those posts I should re-iterate opinions are my own and I never speak for the board as a whole)


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