Final new voter total 15,213 pre-early vote

Final totals from the Orange County Board of Elections for new voter registration through the 10/12 cutoff show the following

D            6,208  40.81%

R           2,071    13.61%

U           6,783    44.59%

L              153     1.01%

TOTAL      15,213

of note -- I've been following this here since 1971, and 2012 is the first year that the Ds were not #1 in new voter registration, but also the 13% is a historic low for the Rs.

 Will have final totals by November 5 covering those registering during early voting


Total votes: 77


That is pretty interesting. Thanks, Gerry.

totals are since January 1, 2012

I wonder how many of these new voter registrations reflect students who have started school and registered to vote, because presumably they're offset by an equal (or slightly smaller) number of students who have left the area. Of course, given that one is required to register to vote but isn't required to unregister upon leaving the area, it's likely impossible to tell.

599 of the 22,306 early voters through Thursday in Orange were new voters who registered during early voting. For those 423 who registered Thursday-Tuesday and already processed their party was:Dem 214Libertarian 9GOP 69Unaffiliated 131. No breakdown on the 176 who registered Wednesday and Thursday and are still being processed


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