Wow, that's a lot of weather out there

The rain has been pouring down and I'm thinking even if the snow doesn't stick, temperatures below freezing tonight are going to make tomorrow morning treacherous at best.

How is everyone doing out there? Did you stock up on your white stuff? Feel free to share updates closings, conditions, etc.

Chapel Hill weather updates:

Orange County severe weather delayes and closings:

CHCSS alert page:

Chapelboro winter weather category:


By 10PM it was back to rain. I was able to do a bit of sledding in the morning before work.pH of snow was slightly acidic. Loren

I figured out that my satellite dish was covered with snow. So I got out my Super-Soaker, filled it with hot water, and found a strategic window to fire from. Five minutes later, I was back in business.


Oustanding. :-)


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