Municipal Election Filing Nears: Potential Candidates for Hillsborough Town Board

Continuing our series about upcoming municipal elections, here's a look at what's happening in the northern part of the county in the race for Hillsborough Town Board. As a reminder, election filing opens in just a few weeks on July 5th. (You can read my post about Chapel Hill Town Council here and Molly's post about Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board here.)

There are two incumbents up for re-election this year:

Mike Gering was first elected to the Hillsborough Town Board in 2001, and has announced that he will not be seeking re-election this year. "The town is in good shape, and I believe change is healthy - both for me and for the town," Gering said in a news release, as reported by the News & Observer.

Frances Dancy also faces re-election this year. Dancy will complete her fourth term on the Town Board this year, and has not yet announced whether she will seek a fifth term yet.

With Gering's retirement, there will be at least one new face on the Town Board come this December. I haven't heard any rumblings or names floated just yet, but as filing nears, I'm sure we will see some folks emerge. Have you heard of any potential folks who are interested, or who you would like to see run?

Also, Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens faces re-election this year. First elected mayor in 2005 in a close race, Stevens has ran unopposed in his subsequent campaigns. He has not yet announced whether he will seek another term.



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