Open Letter to Govenor McCrory

Dear Govenor McCrory:

Please pubically come out against Bill 589. And to veto the Bill. The bill takes away constitutional rights of people with disabilities, like me. 

I have CP, and I'm in an electric wheelchair, and the only way I can vote is to vote early, and once in awhile I have to vote provisionally. I have voted provisionally twice, because it is too hard to get to my precinct. The bill takes away these options. And, with the bill, my staff can't come with me anymore and get paid. And it makes it harder for people who aren't their own guardians to vote. This is against the ADA reasonable accomodations. 

You all should think twice about this. BEFORE passing it. 


Ellen Perry


Here's the letter that I just got from Bob Hall of Democracy NC, about the petition against the Bill that he has started. -Ellen

Dear North Carolina MoveOn member,The North Carolina Senate is ramming through a 57-page bill with dozens of new restrictions on voting and new ways for big money to dominate our elections. It's an outrageous move in the final days of the legislative session—but the state House could still trim back some of the excesses. The bill cuts a week off Early Voting, ends Same-Day Registration, ends straight-party voting, ends pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds, won't accept college IDs for voting, increases contribution limits, allows secret money to influence elections, and much more. Some House Republicans recognize this bill is going too far, so your voice could help move them to action.Please sign the petition to the North Carolina House, urging them to make this bill more reasonable and stop the damage to our state's elections, and then share it with others.  Thanks for your QUICK action.Bob Hall Democracy North Carolina  

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