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It's that time of year again. Early voting is already underway, and those of us who pay literally any attention to local politics are frequently asked by the rest of the world for whom they should vote. 

Please share with us you're voting for and why. You may also list the people you would vote for if you lived in their districts. Do not refer in any way to to any candidates you are not supporting. You're free to critique the candidates through comments on other posts or by posting your own blog entry. In fact, you're strongly encouraged to do so! 

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I was excited to vote for Maria and George. Not that I wasn't excited to vote for the other folks I voted for, but I wanted to give them a shout out for getting some potential new blood on the council who I feel represent my values and can implement strategic planning for the town going forward.

Sally and Ed are both incredibly capable, practical and caring individuals who I trust to make balanced decisions in the best long-term interests of the town.  I'm not sure where Harrison lives, but Greene lives very close to my home in Southern Village, and thus would ably represent the concerns of southern Chapel Hill.I'm less familiar with George, but based on what I've read of his positions feel he's the best of the newcomers.

hes the best newcomer chap hill has seen

I will be voting for the following Chapel Hill Town Council reps:Sally Greene - she has great experienceEd Harrison - he lives in my neighborhood (Colony Woods) and is AWESOME at addressing resident concerns and is very active on our neighborhood listserv. Anytime anyone has reached out he has solved the problemsMaria Palmer - I know her from her dedicated work at our church (United Church of Chapel Hill, with Iglesia) and like her stand on the issuesGeorge Cianciolo - I don't know him personally, but know several who do and they all like him. I like his ideas... I will vote for the following Board of Ed members. As the current President of the CHCCS PTA Council, this involves issues that are extremely important to me...James Barrett - I love his voice, his insistence on openness and accountability, and his forward looking ideas. His long connection with and service to our community is just as important. Enthusiastic supporter.Shell Brownstein - Shell has been a dedicated and well prepared board member. She has insisted on data, and has been willing to lead. I don't always see things the same way as Shell, but I respect her dedication and will vote for her.Andrew Davidson - Of the two newcomers, Andrew strikes me as the one with the most experience and preparation to serve. His knowledge and focus on underserved population, educational technology, and district accountability all resonate with me as a voter.Jeff Hall 

Here's who I plan to vote for (or would vote for if I lived in Carrboro):Town Council: Greene, Harrison, Palmer, Hintz (this was a tough decision for me!)Carrboro: Slade, Gist, Haven-O'DonnellSchool Board: Barrett, Brownstein, Tzoumas

I was hoping to see more comments. I am voting for Loren Hintz, of course. I think the AFL-CIO and Sierra Club endorsements demonstrate where I stand on Labor and Environemental Issues. I've experience at the County level since I am on the Orange County Commission for the Environment and served as chair of the Chapel Hill Transportation Board. Having taught for 19 years in the school district and 29 years in the state I understand CHCCS and hope to increase cooperation between the county, town, university and school system. For school board I support the incumbents and picked Davidson since he had volunteered at his child's school. Loren


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