This Week in Orange Politics: January 27-February 2




Tuesday, January 28th


Monday, January 27

  • Chapel Hill Town Council Meeting, 7pm, Southern Human Services Center

    • See the full agenda here.

    • Don’t expect any lengthy public input at this week’s meeting. The Town Council has four agenda items on relatively uncontroversial issues ranging from recycling to the Parks & Greenways Master Plan.


  • No meetings scheduled this week. The next scheduled meeting is February 6th.


Monday, January 27

  • Board Work Session, 7 pm, Town Barn

    • See the full agenda here

    • Main item of discussion is affordable housing



Tuesday, January 28

  • Work Session, 7 pm, Southern Human Services Center

    • See the full agenda here

    • Key item on the agenda is an update on the regional bus and rail plan from Triangle Transit

Friday, January 31

  • Retreat, 8:30 am, Solid Water Operations Center, Chapel Hill

    • See the full agenda here

    • Key agenda items include the budget and capital investment plan, economic development incentives, how the county can work on poverty issues and goals for the county’s strategic communications plan


Monday, January 27

  • Regular Business Meeting, 7pm, Central Office Boardroom, Hillsborough

    • See the full agenda here

    • Major issues on the table will be teacher contracts, a salary study and the impact of Obamacare on the district’s workforce




Also happening this weekend: the Chapel Hill Town Council will be having their retreat. Here are the details as I received them:

The Chapel Hill Town Council will meet Jan. 31-Feb. 1, for its annual Town Planning Retreat to assess progress toward Council goals and discuss priorities for the future.

The primary purpose of the Town Planning Retreat is to establish the Council's goals for the future. These goals will be developed into a work plan and budget by Town Manager Roger L. Stancil and senior staff for subsequent Council consideration. Discussions take place from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Extraordinary Ventures, 200 S. Elliot Road. The first part of the retreat is a working dinner on Friday at the Mediterranean Deli, 410 W. Franklin St.

The Retreat Planning Committee comprises Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, Council members Donna Bell and George Cianciolo with support from Town Manager Stancil, Policy and Strategic Initiatives Director Mary Jane Nirdlinger, Communications and Public Affairs Director Sabrina Oliver, Business Management Services Director Ken Pennoyer and Assistant to the Manager Jason Damweber.

To facilitate the retreat, the Town has again engaged Vi Lyles, who is newly elected to the Charlotte City Council. She has applied her expertise in citizen engagement and facilitation in her role as community outreach director for the 2012 Democratic National Convention and as assistant city manager for the City of Charlotte.

A portion of the retreat will review the work projects underway in DESIGN Chapel Hill 2020, the title given to the implementation phase of the Chapel Hill 2020 comprehensive plan. The Council's adoption of the comprehensive plan in June 2012 was not an end point, but a beginning. To learn more about designing your community's future, see

This Sunday there is also the Carrboro Board of Alderfolks Retreat:Feb. 2nd, 201411 amCarrboro High School Media Room The agenda can be accessed here. It appears that many of the items from the past 2 weeks of cancelled CBOA meeeting have been moved to the Retreat. There will also be a discussion of the redesign of the Town's website and the Town's affordable housing goals, strategies, and timeline.



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