Roses from the Chapel Hill News

Thanks so much to the Chapel Hill News for recognizing the good work of OrangePolitics and our recent leadership transition. Fortunately (or unfortunately, perhaps) the online version does not include my 1999 campaign headshot! Alert reader John Rees snapped a photo of it though.

Roses to Ruby Sinreich, the founder of the online progressive forum, who recently stepped away from day-to-day running of the site and moved to Durham (gasp!).

"OrangePolitics was never just me, even though some people like to see it that way," Sinreich said in a recent post. But it often does take an energetic individual to turn a vision into reality. While not everyone may have always agreed with Sinreich's vision, few could dispute that the online forum has been an important discussion group for those who care and follow local politics from left of center.

Sinreich, who served on town advisory boards and committees, has put in the hands of trusted editorial board members to continue both the online discussions and the live Tweeting, candidate forums and various meet and greets the group added along the way. We wish them well.

- Roses and raspberries, April 16 



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