This Week in Orange Politics: April 21-27

Though many of Orange County's public bodies will be taking a break from regular meetings this week, there's still plenty going on. The Carrboro Alderfolks will reivew its priorities of projects to receive transit tax funds and get an update on the work to extend to sewer service to the Rogers Road community. Chapel Hill will take on the budget, the reorganization of the town's advisory boards and the porposed zoning changes for the Ephesus-Fordham project. The council will also hold a hearing on a stormwater management plan.

Thursday, WCHL will hold its annual community forum, while the polls opens for the first day of early voting.

We'll also be holding our last two online candidate forums--one on Wednesday evening for the 6 candidates running for sheriff, and another on Sunday for the 5 Democratic candidates in this year's primary for the Board of County Commissioners. 

Here's the summary: 


Regular Meeting: Tuesday, April 22nd, 7:30pm, Carrboro Town Hall

  • See the full agenda here.

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The Board will discuss modifications to it’s list of priority projects for which the half-cent sales tax revenues for transit will be used, including adding the Morgan Creek Greenway and changing the timing and scope of improvements to Estes Drive.

    • The Board will receive and consider additional information on the community engagement and engineering activities to allow for the extension of sewer service for the Historic Rogers Road Community.


Regular Meeting*: Monday, April 21st, 7pm, Southern Human Services Center

  • See the full agenda here.

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The Council will hold a public forum on the budget.

    • The Council will also consider the proposed zoning changes for the Ephesus-Fordham renewal project.

    • The Council will consider the next phase of advisory board restructuring, including merging the Greenways Commission with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

* This meeting was rescheduled from last Thursday. Monday’s originally scheduled meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday:

Public Hearing: Wednesday, April 23rd, 7pm, Southern Human Services Center

  • See the full agenda here.

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The Council will continue the public hearing on the stormwater master plan.

    • The Council will then consider a zoning change and a special use permit related to the proposed Timber Hollow apartments expansion.

    • The Council will also hear a zoning change and special use permit related to the AutoZone proposed for 1790 Fordham Blvd.



There is no meeting scheduled this week. The next scheduled meeting is May 1st.


There is no meeting scheduled this week. The next  scheduled meeting is April 28th.


There are no public meetings scheduled for this week. The board will meet in closed session Monday, April 21, and Tuesday, April 22.



There are no meetings scheduled for this week. The board’s next meeting will be Monday, April 28th.



  • Wednesday, April 23rd, 7 to 9 pm, OrangePolitics Online Candidate Forum for Orange County Sheriff Candidates

  • Thursday, April 24th - Early voting for the May 6th primary begins! The full schedule for early voting hours and locations is available from the Orange County Board of Elections here (PDF) 

  • Thursday, April 24th - WCHL will hold their 2014 Community Forum, live on 97.9 FM and The full list of topics and speakers can be found on their website here.

  • Sunday, April 27th, 2 to 3 pm, State of Conflict screening, The Varsity Theater

  • Sunday, April 27th, 7 to 9 pm, OrangePolitics Online Candidate Forum for Orange County Board of Commissioners Candidates



After a lengthy Town Council meeting last night, the Council ran out of time for public comment on Ephesus-Fordham. Public comment will now be received at Wednesday's meeting, beginning at 7pm, but the meeting will start at 6pm so that the Council can get through some less contentious agenda items that were also delayed from last night's meeting.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to add this yesterday, but last night there was a really good discussion between teachers (and students as well), Dr. Forcella, and four legislators -- our great reps Meyer and Insko, Senator Foushee, plus a GOP rep from Guilford - Jon Hardister.  Chapelboro coverage is here FB group that organized is hereLoren Hintz wrote up his thoughts here  Big news was Rep Hardister expressing regret about his vote for the budget, due to poorly thought-through tenure implementation (duh -- the committees that looked at this proposal outside the budget didn't move it forward, Sen Berger insisted that it be included anyway).  He also expressed desire for broader teacher raises than just the starting teachers that has been proposed (not more $ in the bucket, just more fairly shared).There's no way I could do justice to all who were in attendence, but I did see fellow board members Streater and Davidson and former candidate Tzoumas, along with some great teachers and administrators from our district.   Special thanks to Jeff Hall (PTA Council president) and Deborah Gerhardt for making this happen with a broad group of interested parties in our community.


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