This Week in Orange Politics: May 27-June 1

Though this week is a short one, Orange County’s public bodies have a full calendar. The county school board and county commissioners will both consider their budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, while the the Hillsborough Town Board discusses a proposed historic landmarks program. The Carrboro alderfolks will take on a host of issues including affordable rental strategies and a potential downtown slow zone, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will interview applicants for a restructured Planning Commission and get feedback on the town’s stormwater plan.

Here’s the full summary:


Regular Meeting: Tuesday, May 27th, 7:30pm, Carrboro Town Hall Board Room

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The Board will consider a loan to Surplus Sid’s for facade improvements.

    • The Board will consider setting a public hearing on a text amendment to the Land Use Management Ordinance concerning drive-thrus and drive-ins for June 24th.

    • The Board is asked to endorse grant applications to allow for the continued extension of the Morgan Creek Greenway.

    • The Board will receive an update on the development of a police department policy concerning vehicle and body-worn cameras.

    • The Board will consider goals and strategies for affordable rentals.

    • The Board will receive a feasibility report on a potential downtown slow-zone.


Regular Meeting: Wednesday, May 28th, 6pm, Southern Human Services Center

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The Council will open their meeting early at 6pm to interview applicants for the newly restructured Planning Commission.

    • The Council will hold a public hearing on the Stormwater Master Plan

    • The Council will consider an SUP modification and zoning atlas amendment for the proposed Timber Hollow expansion.

    • The Council will also hear again about a proposed AutoZone on Fordham Blvd.

    • Also before the Council will be an update on ultra-high-speed internet and digital inclusion efforts and the potential to approve the AT&T Master Agreement


There is no meeting scheduled this week. The next meeting is scheduled for June 5th.


Regular Board Meeting: Wednesday, May 27th, 7pm, Town Barn

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda Item of Note: the Board will discuss starting a historic landmarks program.


Quarterly Public Hearing, Tuesday, May 27th, 7 pm, Department of Social Services, Hillsborough

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda Items of Note:

    • The board will consider issuing a special use permit for a solar array facility

    • The board will consider adding a text amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance

Budget Public Hearing, Thursday, May 29th, Southern Human Services Center, Chapel Hill

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda Item of Note: the Board will hear comments from the public on the 2014-2015 proposed budget


Regular Meeting, Wednesday, May 28th, Central Office Board Room, Hillsborough

  • See the full agenda here

  • Agenda items of note

    • The board will discuss the budget for the upcoming year

    • The board will get an update on the ongoing career status litigation



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