Yes Virginia, there is a primary June 7


Yes, there is a primary June 7. 

Orange County has just two items on the ballot, a Supreme Court nonpartisan primary to narrow the field from 4 to 2, and a GOP primary in the 4th Congressional District.  In the former all Orange County residents can vote, in the latter just Republicans and unaffiliated (unaffiliated can vote in that primary regardless of whether they voted in the Democratic or Republican primary March 15)

For Supreme Court there are 4 candidates:

Bob Edmunds, a Greensboro Republican who is the incumbent Justice.  I've known Bob 45 years, and he contributed to my 1975 Chapel Hill mayoral campaign.  More recently he's voted consistently in lockstep with the 4-3 GOP majority on the NC Supreme Court.

Mike Morgan, a black Democrat from Wake County.  Mike has been a superior court judge the last 8 years and was a district court judge before that.

Sabra Faires, an unaffiliated voter in Wake County, the plaintiff in litigation that overturned the up or down retention election ordered by the 2015 General Assembly and forced a more normal election

Daniel Robertson, a Davie County Democrat.  I know nothing about him

For 4th District GOP congressional, there is Sue Googe, a Wake County realtor who immigrated from China, and Teiji Kimball, Sr, whose website touts that his mother is Japanese and his father is African-American.  Democrats have no primary as no one filed against David Price  

There will be two early vote sites for what is expected to be a low summer turnout, the BoE office in Hillsborough and the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill :


If you will be out of town June 7 and early voting, vote by mail starts Monday, April 18. You can print out an application at: The application can be snail mailed, faxed, or sent as an email attachment (it must be printed out before doing any of the three submittal methods, and filled out and signed)



Sample ballots were posted today:


Orange County Sample Ballots for the June 7, 2016 Congressional Primary
R001 - Republican Ballot - 4th US Congressional District - All Republican Registered Voters or Unaffiliated Voters wishing to vote a Republican Ballot will receive this Ballot Style.
N002 - Non-Partisan Ballot - NC Supreme Court Associate Justice - All Democrat and Libertarian Registered Voters or Unaffiliated Voters not wishing to vote a Republican Ballot will receive this Ballot Style.

Gerry, my in-laws voted absentee in March.  The BOE site says they have an absentee request in for June already.  Does that make sense - they won't need to request again, I should just get it in the mail?  Thanks

Yes 56,000+ absentee ballots went out Monday including 1,268 in Orange. The State Board of Elections ordered this two weeks ago - they had essentially promised this when the congressional primary was rescheduled. My Wake ballot shows having been mailed yesterday, my sons Meckkenburg and his fiancée's Orange ballot as well. We all voted absentee in March and the June ballots are coming without any further request needed. Here's a sample tracking showing the auto sending (my sons fiancée) (this link has been having problems though)

state press release

Track June 7 early and mail-in votes by party, precinct, etc

(updates 10 am to cover previous day)

While in Northampton County of the first day of early voting I noticed no campaign signs at the polls and only one person voted. Here in Chapel Hill I voted on Friday.


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