Vote by mail

If you don't want to wait in line either during early voting or on November 8, vote by mail !

Orange County vote by mail application is here:

Another way to look at it - you'll also make the line shorter for everyone else 



Maybe, but I talked with several college students who attempted to vote in the primary by mail but never received their ballot.

Ldhintz, all I can tell you is that this fall I successfully voted by mail, so did my son, my daughter in law, and both her parents. My other son has his ballot at his house. I know people in other elections who walked away from the polls because the line was too long

I'll go vote Thursday, but my in-laws aren't getting out much so I just submitted (via scan and email) their requests for absentee ballots in Wake.  Easy peasy.  (had to get their moves processed first -- they are living in competitive NCGA districts!)


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