local candidates the first day

By Colin Warren-Hicks of the Herald Sun.

Candidates began jumping into the 2017 election Friday, the first official filing day.

The candidate filing period for township and city municipal seats began at noon Friday and county boards of elections began publicly posting the names of the early filers, offering the initial outlines of upcoming races.

Candidates may withdraw their candidacies as late as July 18 and July 21 is the official end date of the 2017 filing period.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Prior to that, Durham will hold an Oct. 10 municipal primary. This year will mark the first time in 16 years that Durham mayor Bill Bell's name won't appear on a ballot as he has already announced he will not seek re-election.

Bell's retirement leaves the office of mayor and three City Council seats up for grabs.

When asked if he anticipated any particular emotions about not being on the ballot, Bell said Friday: “I haven’t even thought that far. I’m still working.”

Here’s a look at Friday’s first-day filings as of 5:30 p.m.

Durham County


▪ Farad Ali, 5301 Lyon Farm Road, Durham.

▪ Pierce Freelon, 208 W. Markham Ave., Durham.

City Council Ward 1

▪ Cora Cole-McFadden, 5613 Old Well St., Durham. (incumbent)

City Council Ward 2

▪ Dolly Reaves, 1 Still Pond Court, Durham.

Orange County

Chapel Hill Mayor

▪ Pam Hemminger, 57, 108 Boxwood Place, Chapel Hill. (incumbent)

Chapel Hill/Carrboro Board of Education — 3 open seats

▪ James Barrett, 47, 100 Morgan Bluff Lane, Chapel Hill. (incumbent)

Chapel Hill Town Council — 4 open seats

▪ Maria T. Palmer, 56, 304 Forbush Mount Drive, Chapel Hill. (incumbent)

▪ Allen Buansi, 30, 305 Copperline Drive, Chapel Hill.

Hillsborough Mayor

▪ Tom Stevens, 63, 213 W. Tryon St., Hillsborough. (incumbent)

Hillsborough Town Commissioners — 2 open seats

▪ Kathleen Ferguson, 54, 517 Central Ave., Hillsborough. (incumbent)

Carrboro Board of Aldermen — 4 open seats

▪ Barbara Foushee, 52, 100 Williams St., Carrboro.

▪ Jacquelyn M. Gist, 62, 233 Sweet Bay Place, Carrboro. (incumbent)

▪ Randee Haven-O’Donnell, 66, 106 Fairfield Court, Chapel Hill. (incumbent)

Chatham County

Pittsboro Mayor

▪ Cindy S. Perry, 259 Hillsboro St., Pittsboro. (incumbent)

Siler City Mayor

▪ Albert Reddick, 328 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Siler City.

▪ John Grimes, 513 W. Glendale St., Siler City. (incumbent)

Siler City Commissioner At Large — 1 open seat

▪ Louis P. Forrisi Jr., 320 W. 11th St., Siler City



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