Orange County At-Large County Commissioner Results

On Friday, the Orange County Board of Elections finished sorting the early voting and vote-by-mail ballots back to the precincts, and here are the Democratic primary results.

While county-wide Greene had 61.4%, in the 5 main Carrboro precincts she had 74%. In the 20 main Chapel Hill town precincts, she had 67.2%.  Her best Chapel Hill precinct was Country Club at 76.7%, and her best Carrboro precinct OWASA at 77.2%. Greene's worst Chapel Hill precinct was Ridgefield at 54.0% of the vote.

Here are some precinct grouping summaries

  Greene Oswald Crawford
County-wide 61.4% 10.0% 28.6%
5 Campus Precincts 73.8% 7.2% 19.0%
5 Core Carrboro Precincts 74.0% 4.4% 21.6%
20 Chapel Hill Precincts 67.2% 6.7% 26.2%
14 District 2 Precincts 47.4% 16.7% 35.9%

You can also look at this link to is a spreadsheet I created with totals sorted many different ways.




Looks like 18249 of 111738 (2017 data from website) or 16.3% participation.




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